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About TealBrook

In 1991 Larry Drake and Mike Lundeen of Buffalo Minnesota were introduced to a new technology for water purification utilizing a highly concentrated form of iodine. Larry and Mike were not looking for a business, but with their contacts in the mission field they knew that if this pentaiodide resin did what the manufacturer claimed, it could not only save time and effort, it could save lives. In January of 1995 Mike and Deb Lundeen took over sole proprietorship of the business and organized as TealBrook Supplies and in 2001 incorporated as TealBrook Inc.  Since 2005 Mike and Deb worked out of Woodland Park, CO as they developed their now full time ministry
In May of 2009 my wife and I, good friends of Mike and Deb, became the new owners of TealBrook Supplies. We remain GREAT friends with Mike and Deb to this day, and are committed to fostering the business relationships that they established.

My background prior to purchasing TealBrook involves years of public and private sector work with manufacturing, distribution, software, public safety and mobile communication companies. This broad base of experience will enable TealBrook to leverage long term relationships and contacts to develop the very best most economical solutions for our customers.

TealBrook offers the most current technology available; tested and certified to solve your unique water challenges.
Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience whether you are a missionary serving in Turkmenistan, the leader of a relief organization fighting a Cholera outbreak, or a multinational corporation that needs to keep a worldwide workforce healthy with a safe source of water.

The demand for safe drinking water throughout the world will increase dramatically in the years ahead. Unfortunately, the short term solution seems to be purchasing and transporting expensive and bulky bottled water. This expensive, and often unsustainable solution contributes daily to a sea of waste in countries and provinces that have no disposal or recycling program in place. TealBrook offers a sustainable solution that uses local water sources for pennies per gallon. Let us help you solve your water challenge.

We look forward to serving you now and in the future - Bob and Linda Hess