Getting Started

For 25 years TealBrook helps you and your team maintain peak health while serving anywhere in the world. Consider this as you plan for short or long term missions:

  • Most of the world outside the US is challenged by a lack of “safe” or “healthy” drinking water. This can also include many European countries as well.
  • If you can “see” your water what are you not seeing that may cause harm?
  • What if your water is free of biological contaminants-Virus, cysts, bacteria, but has industrial pollutants or heavy metals like lead or mercury present? 
  • What happens if you or a team member suffers from sickness while serving? Not only is months of preparation and resources compromised, the relief mission effectiveness suffers with your team caring for you. 
  • Wait-I will drink “bottled” water. What is the source? The US has issues with the safety of bottled water-outside the US there are no set standards or requirements.
  • It is bulky, heavy, and expensive to say nothing of the waste component. 

What to do:

  • Research the best most economical solutions considering all of your costs.
  • Where are you going? How long? What local water is available?
  • Just because the locals drink it does not mean you will be ok!!! 
  • How many gallons do you, your team, or your facility need per day? 
  • Do you need a solution for 1 or 100? 

TealBrook has 25 years of experience and healthy customers in every region of the world. We offer free consultation and lifetime support of our products.