Relief Organizations:

Water is a chemically complex liquid that is essential for life!

You have worked long and hard to help those in need in foreign countries. Don't let a disease or parasite stop those efforts by taking you out of the field! More than that, there are other issues that arise if you do become ill from drinking contaminated water such as:

  • What is the cost for evacuation from a distant country? 
  • What is the cost for hospitalization or treatment for an intestinal disease? 
  • What long term effects can result from drinking contaminated water-especially for children

The answer is to avoid unknown water sources in the first place! Secondly-do not depend on the American plan of using local bottled water. Standards for bottled water are not comparable to the US standards. The waste stream in some foreign countries contributes to a growing problem throughout the world, and its expensive.

If you or your organization plans to travel to Haiti, Africa, Tajikistan or anywhere in the world, please remember our products provide purified drinking water from virtually any source.  Please be wise and protect your health as you provide assistance to others.  For individual use, we recommend the Katadyn Water bottle, and for groups the Outback Bucket System. All of our products protect against Cholera and other water borne contaminants.

TealBrook's Outback Bucket Kits are an economical and easy method to purify large amounts of healthy drinking and cooking water for large groups of people. Please see the options under our products page or email us for additional information. Many long term customers and relief organizations are using these systems worldwide to keep their people and villages disease free.

Let TealBrook provide your organization with a quick start packet that educates and prepares your volunteers for their specific assignment with a water purification system specified for their region of the world.

TealBrook offers non profit and volume pricing to qualified organizations and individuals.

Please call or email for custom engineered systems-point of entry systems for medical clinics, schools, orphanages, and high volume systems for disaster response or refugee camps of up to 15,000 gallons per day.