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OB Purification Cartridge IR30 - IR30
OB Purification Cartridge IR30
Price: $90.00
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OutBack Purification replacement cartridge. Improved design, replaces IR25 purification cartridge and will work in any PentaPure or Crystal Clear bucket system.

*For export use only

IR30 Purification Cartridge uses Pentaiodide resin for demand release purification of waterborne contaminants. Should bacteria, viruses, or cryptosporidium be present in the water, the exact amount of iodinated material will be released to penetrate the contaminant and neutralize it. Construction of the cartridge includes an activated carbon stage that removes any residual iodine to less than .5 parts per million. Potential users with iodine sensitivities please consult your doctor before use.

  • Weigh: 1.5 lbs. 

  • Rated: 1700 gallons of use.

Actual performance is dependent on condition of source water. Fresh water clear of heavy and fine sediment is recommended for best results. Never use without sediment filter in place due to drastically shortened life of cartridge. In certain regions of the world additional pretreatment is necessary due to colloidal clay and fine sediment even after use of a settling bucket. Use of 5 micron sleeve and possibly a 1 micron RF26 may be necessary for acceptable results.

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