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DHS / FEMA Bucket System


Developed at the request of Department of Home Land Security (DHS) / FEMA


The HLS-1P is a gravity-fed, bucket-design, water filtration and purification system intended for
emergency use. Only portable device to pass NSF P248 Municipal Water Protocol

• Testing conducted by NSF to modified NSF P-248 Protocol
• Highly effective in eliminating bacteria, cysts and viruses
• Able to handle high levels of sedimentation
• Hi capacity – tested to 100 gallons with no reduction of efficacy
• Indefinite storage-shelf life
• Virtually anyone can use – Very easy to use gravity-flow filter process
• Excellent visual (pictorial) operating instructions
• No or little assembly required (level based upon level of assembly ordered)
• No power requirements (either internally or externally)
• Superior alternative to current use of bottled water for emergencies (lower cost of distribution, no waste, drastically reduced storage space requirements)
• Simple to distribute compared to bottled water
• Extremely durable
• All components produced and systems assembled in USA

The HLS-1P system consists of two stacked and interlocked one gallon (food-grade plastic) pails. Three multi-stage filters are used to purify the water supply. (See schematic)
STEP 1: The top pail has a cloth fine mesh pre-filter (Item# 1809) which the untreated water is poured through, capturing any large debris/discoloration that may be in the untreated water source.
STEP 2: Water then flows through a 6 inch pleated hydrophilic 0.5 micron absolute pre-filter (Item# 1810) which mechanically traps turbidity, sediment, bacteria and cysts larger in size then 0.5 micron.
STEP 3: A 2.5” x 6” multi-stage purification cartridge (Item# 1813) provides the final stage of filtration/purification by destroying any remaining bacteria and virus in the water supply.
STEP 4: A final bacteriostatic polishing media (within Item #1813) removes any undesirable tastes or odors.
Flow Rate: 1/10th gallon/minute or 6 gallons/hour
Temperature Range: 40o – 90o F
pH Range: 6-9
Capacity: 50 to 100 gallons (As specified for this test.
Greater capacities are available upon request.)
Dimensions When Fully Assembled: 8” x 8” x 16”
Weight 3 lbs

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