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Outback Bucket - OB01
Outback Bucket
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Simple, durable, 5-gallon pour-through, gravity feed unit. No water pressure required; excellent for daily use in underdeveloped areas. Buckets nest for transport. Provides 1,700 gallons at 5-8 gallons per hour. Will provide healthy water for  groups of up to 30 for 2 months or a family of four for a year.

Protects against cysts, bacteria, and viruses through Iodinated resin filtration.

Designed for clear water for best results, extensive pretreatment may be required due to suspended sediment. Please call for regional recommendations.

Custom loads for removal cartridge available upon request-example heavy metals or pesticide removal in addition to biological removal.

* Available for export use only with Iodinated resin *
* Domestic Models Available with Nano Filtration*
*$6.00 shipping surcharge due to UPS dimensional weight*

Two stage system system consists of preliminary sediment filter followed by a pentaiodide resin purification cartridge (IR30).

Iodinated resin uses demand release principles due to the positive charge of the resin attracted to the negative charge of the contaminant. No excess iodine is released. Secondary carbon removal stage contains any free iodine to less than .5 parts per million.

Depending on water source, extensive pretreatment may be necessary. Options include a settling bucket and possible use of a 5 micron washable sleeve, and or a RF26 1 micron sediment filter.

Please call or email for regional recommendations.

  • Holding Capacity: 5 US gallons.

  • Processing Rate: 5-8 gal./Hr.

  • Maximum Processing Capacity: 1,700 gallons.

  • Packaged dimensions:  13”x13”x16”.

  • Weight:  8 lbs.

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Dan says...

A huge improvement for us would be to have clear buckets. We've used these for years for large groups on school trips to remote villages. To be able to see through the buckets to know what the water level is and how the filters are functioning would be a big help.

Thank you for the feedback. We have considered a more transparent bucket with the same concerns you mention. The material available is not a clear plastic-more of a translucence-which would allow the level to be determined. The reason we have not offered this option is the potential for algae growth when used in a sun exposed environment including indoors. There are two options. The top of the bottom bucket has a small relief hole for the escape of air and water in the event max capacity is reached. If a more advanced level indicator is desired look online for plastic liquid level sight glasses. These are a clear round fitting that will be mounted to the side of the bucket according to your needs. The threaded fitting is water tight and when water reaches the level it will be visible in the fitting. Thank you for your review. Bob
Response By Store Admin


We are missionaries in West Africa. We have used this system for over ten years for household drinking water. It works consistently, and the water tastes good. We are healthy so obviously it protects us from waterborne diseases! Thanks for making a great product. After ten years the top bucket is crumbling near the top rim and needs replacing. It is very common for plastics to become brittle and shatter in this climate, so we have no complaints about the length of life. We plan to replace it on our next furlough with the same product.

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